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Struggling to keep your lessons and lectures on time? Stagetimer can help you plan out lectures with segments dedicated to each topic. No more skipping over important points by accident. It can also help prevent scheduling errors by keeping classes right on time. Basic features can be used for free, while longer lectures can be paid for per session. You can get a full subscription as well for your educational institution.

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What customers love about Stagetimer

In an effort to find a timing solution for remote guests, I tried multiple softwares, but offers the exact feature set and ability to control that I was looking for. Have used it to manage virtual speakers in Venice, Italy, and Orlando, USA, for example, and it worked flawlessly.
Adam Johns

Adam Johns

Founder & Producer at Video Village Creative, Inc.

We have used for the candidate forums and it has worked great. The timer was very easy and intuitive to use. The learning curve for first-time clock operators was literally less than a minute. It has been very useful for us and made the timing aspect of our events very professional.
Alec Creighton

Alec Creighton

Owner/General Manager at Northeast Colorado Broadcasting

We are a marketing material and content production company and primarily use the in-built production clock in vMix, but the timer and ease of access on Stagetimer is a lot better for our presenters.
Kevin Jung Park
Kevin Jung Park

General Manager at Park Pixel AS

We have been struggling with stage timers and is a BRILLIANT solution, and I just wanted to say thanks! Best money I've spent this year, and I'm stoked!
Randal Southam
Randal Southam

Founder & Creative Director at Southam Creative

Simple to use & easy to share

Stagetimer is a remote-controlled countdown timer that allows you to set, start, pause, and reset a timer from any device with a web browser. It is available as a web application, as well as standalone versions for Windows and Mac. It include the ability to share the timer via unique links, display customizable messages on the timer, and control the timer remotely. It is perfect for events, meetings, and presentations, and is simple and easy to use.

Stagetimer controller interface and plattform icons
Shareable remote-controlled timer for classes and lectures

Schedule Your Whole Lecture in Advance

Stagetimer provides a simplistic yet feature-filled timer for you to plan out your lectures with. Create a timeline for every important topic you want to discuss. Set down names and important notes above the timer to remind you which points you need to bring up.

  • Manage the lecture time efficiently
  • Display important points
  • No ads to distract you
Browser address barCountdown timer that runs in the browser

Works Right from Your Browser

No need to worry about a lack of memory space on your device. Stagetimer functions in a browser window, so any device can handle it. This means no more awkward glances at the clock to see how much time you have left. Give your lecture with complete confidence knowing exactly how much time you have for each topic.

  • Widely compatible
  • No downloads
  • No installation
Browser address barShare timer and full agenda via link or QR code

Share the Links Among Teaching Staff

Schedule every lesson with just a few clicks. You can also share the timer schedule with other faculty members using shareable links. QR code sharing is supported as well for the staff to scan and open the timer on their devices. And best of all, you can add new timers for lectures at a moment’s notice.

  • QR code and links for sharing
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Easy to use
Browser address barShow a timer and display messages to presenters

Broadcast Announcements to the Whole Faculty

Deliver live messages to the faculty staff with just a few clicks. You can broadcast emergency announcements and routine reminders. You can also color code each announcement to show its urgency. Teachers can use these features to deliver reminders of which topics should be discussed or quickly point out errors.

  • Color-coded announcements
  • Quick message delivery
  • Versatile uses
Browser address barCustomize the timer to fit your school brand

Fully Customizable Timer

The timer can be customized to better fit your unique educational environment. You can change the background and add your educational institute’s insignia and motto. The overall color scheme can be changed as well. Additionally, you can customize the font style and size to your liking.

  • Personalize your timer
  • Display the institute’s insignia
  • Customize font for a better view
Browser address barColor-coded progress bar to track time

Progress Bar for Better Pacing

An easy-to-see progress bar is displayed at the bottom of the timer for the teacher to better pace themselves. A steady-moving ticker helps you see how long the whole timer will take. Each timeline segment is color coded for your benefit.

  • Easy-to-view progress bar
  • Steady ticker for better pacing
  • Color-coded segments
Browser address barTimers automatically adjust to the browser time zone settings

Works for Online Classes

With Stagetimer, you are not limited to a certain location. The timer can be used both locally as well as virtually. This is ideal for online classes and online lectures. Time zones are synced internationally as well to prevent scheduling confusion.

  • Virtual functionality
  • Timer-sync
  • Worldwide sharing


We have been struggling with stage timers and is a BRILLIANT solution, and I just wanted to say thanks! Best money I've spent this year, and I'm stoked!
Randal Southam
Randal Southam

Founder & Creative Director at Southam Creative

Stagetimer’s speaker timer has some of the most affordable pricing. Enjoy all the essential timer-management functions for free.

Need our premium countdown timer for a one-time event? Pay a one-time flat fee and get full-time access for 10 days. Or, pay a small monthly subscription (save 20% annually) for ongoing access to our full-suite public speaking timers to create and manage your events and presentations.

STARTER plan iconStarter

Use all basic features for free


No signup required

3 Starter rooms
3 connected devices per room
3 timers and messages per room
Sharable public links
API access
CSV import/export
Custom logo
Custom theming
1 Offline license key included
10-day access, no subscription

PRO plan iconPro

For small events and productions


Billed monthly

Unlimited Pro rooms
5 connected devices per room
50 timers and messages per room
Sharable private links
API access
CSV import/export
Custom logo
Custom theming
1 Offline license key included

PREMIUM plan iconPremium

For professional and broadcasting use


Billed monthly

Unlimited Premium rooms
50 connected devices per room
500 timers and messages per room
Sharable private links
API access
CSV import/export
Custom logo
Custom theming
1 Offline license key included


Tell us what you need to run your broadcast perfectly. Get priority support, custom invoice, custom terms and the option to handle payment via reseller.

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Subscription plans are billed monthly or yearly. Cancel any time.

Single event licenses are billed once and stay active for 10 days.

If you are a non-profit organisation, contact us for a discount.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I program or schedule the countdown timer?


You can program Stagetimer by scheduling multiple timers or linking them together so that one starts right when the other one ends. This feature is available on the web version, as well as the Windows and Mac versions. You can also start a timer at a specific time and date by clicking the gear icon on the individual timer, selecting the "Scheduled" trigger, and choosing a time and date. If the time has already passed, the date will be automatically set for the next day. This automation tool is useful for creating a series of timed events or presentations.

Can attendees send questions to the presenter?


Simply share the link or QR code available on the controller page (right under the message column) and your audience will be able to send questions that will automatically turn into messages. You can then edit and reorganize the oder of the messages and show them one at a time to speakers.

Can I use Stagetimer for free?


You can use Stagetimer for free. The free version of Stagetimer allows you to use all of the basic features, including creating and running timers, scheduling timers, and linking timers together. However, the free version does not include access to the Pro and Premium features, which include additional customization options and advanced features such as importing and exporting timer data, and real-time control of timers from more than three devices at the same time.

What is a countdown timer?

A countdown timer is a tool that can be used to efficiently conduct remote, in-person or virtual meetings, events and conferences by providing speakers with the ability to easily see how much time they have left to speak. You can set multiple timers for different speakers, send messages to speakers, and automate show flows.

What are some use-cases for a speaker timer?

A countdown timer is essential for in-person events, virtual meetings, online presentations, and live-streamed broadcasts. So if you're organizing any sort of event like this, you should be using a speech timer to make sure things run smoothly every time.

An automated timer makes it easy to give everyone an equal chance to speak whenever necessary, by providing participants with an allotted time for their input.

Can I use Stagetimer with any device?


You can use Stagetimer with any device that has a modern web browser. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Stagetimer is a web-based application, so you do not need to download or install any software to use it. Simply visit the Stagetimer website in your web browser and you will be able to use all of the features of the app. You can also use Stagetimer offline on a Mac or Windows computer by downloading the offline version of the app.

Can I share the event agenda with others?


Every room comes ready with a shareable agenda link for your attendees to access anytime. You can also send collaborative links to team members and delegate administrative tasks during events.

What are a countdown clock’s benefits?

A countdown timer automation tool like Stagetimer is an essential tool for companies looking to plan and manage the schedule of their in-person or virtual events and meetings. These tools help make events more effective by keeping speakers on track, ensuring that time-strict events stay on schedule. As an event coordinator or project manager, you can set up event flows on autopilot with Stagetimer's scheduling or trigger features, so you don't have to manually switch between speaker sessions. In addition to keeping events running smoothly, a stage timer is also a simple way to consistently market your brand or product throughout an event, as users will constantly be looking at the timer.

Who uses a countdown timer tool?

A countdown timer can be used by anyone who wants to conduct successful virtual and on-site events with minimal disruptions. So we're talking event production managers and staff, conference organizers, audiovisual professionals, and live-streaming or media production staff who want an automated way to see who's talking and how much time they have left.

Stagetimer is the best solution for teachers and educators to keep lessons and lectures on time. It is a cloud-based software that requires no downloads and is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Make timing easy with countdown, count up, and time of the day. You can organize your meeting agenda or series of topics using multiple timers that can be scheduled and auto-triggered. Keep everybody in the loop using several screens and devices simultaneously. Show messages and alerts to presenters instantly and keep your event on time with a few clicks.